About Us

Every project requires hard work until you find that so desired treasure.

It is not a simple process, we must go deep until reaching it.

Afterwards we have to clean and polish this rough stone to turn it into a jewel.

This is what we are. Our identity and our origin!

Black Onyx diagram Black Onyx diagram


Video Game

Video Games

We use the most advanced engineering, designing, modelling and creative skills to develop meaningful and significant games. Self-created projects have been carried out but we also develop institutional Games for companies that wish to dive their brands or products into the world of video games and achieve exceptional results.

Outstangind Mobile


Regardless of the type of mobile app you have in mind, we have a solution that fits your business needs. Our mobile business solutions include full native iOS and Android apps, web-based hybrid applications and native cross platform apps. We are mobile specialists, highly experienced and capable of building mobile apps with the highest technology standards, providing effectiveness to every necessity that your company might have, always enhancing UI experience - the key for keeping the vitality of the product. From the most basic to the most complex business model, we can make anything go mobile!

Web Software

Web Apps

We develop feature rich Web Apps that are built from the ground up. Our apps are business-driven, user-focused and highly innovative. Our development team is capable of building web software using the newest and most advanced techniques to deliver efficient, elegant and functional applications. We work aiming to construct friendly user interfaces and enjoyable design, focusing on delivering the best user experience.

3D Modeling

3D Design

As a software studio we are prepared to develop and build the highest level of art work and computer generated imagery available in the market. We have a 3D Art and Modelling team in house, ready to bring to life any idea and make, not only beautiful, but impressive visual effects and 3D material.

Branding and Design

Concept Designing

Black Onyx Interactive is a creative studio, ready to compile your thoughts and ideas into concrete assets. We develop concepts for characters, illustrations, art work, design or anything you are willing to create. Having gone through years of experience, our inventive team employs the same resources and knowledge applied into the development of our Games and IP’s to deliver exceptional results to your projects and ideas.

The Team

Rick CEO
Erick Android Developer
Mark 3D Artist
Lucas Illustrator / Animator
Marcelo Co-Founder / CTO Software Engineer
Arthur Game Designer
Cristiano Software Engineer
Marco UX Designer
João Concept Artist Illustrator
André Game Designer