Different gear, still speeding

Time passes by really fast when you are busy. You wouldn’t believe how fast! The last two months have been hectic for us at Black Onyx. We have been through many changes while we are still working in our self and third party projects. However, there are lots of rewards for all this effort. We have great, great news coming from our headquarters. An exciting new era for Black Onyx Interactive has started and we are glad that you are here to share it with us!

New website

If you knew Black Onyx Interactive before getting here today, you probably noticed that we have a brand new website. It was made in house by our great web developers and design team. We decided to build a website from zero to bring a fresh air to the company and follow all the rebranding and new experiences we are going through.

It is easier now to get in touch with us, to see the projects we are working in (at least those ones we can tell you!) and to get to know better who we are and what Black Onyx Interactive does. Navigation was improved as well, so it is easier to go through our website and find the exact information you need!

New office

We don’t have only a new virtual home. We are extremely happy to announce that we are in a new office! Our new headquarters are based in Talent Garden Dublin at DCU Alpha Campus, in Glasnevin. It is just a minute far from the Botanic Gardens (we have to say that we are finding great to be so close to some fresh air and green plants).

The guys from Talent Garden Dublin have received us kindly and made us feel at home. We are very happy to be here. Our new house allowed us to have more people working in house and provided us a great working force and structure. Now we are prepared to do better and faster all the amazing work we have always done: web and mobile development, UI and UX design and games development. Same passion but better, faster and bigger.

Social Media

You can always find us in your favourite social media as well! All our news, innovations, projects, technical releases, game releases will be shown in all our channels. Follow us and keep an eye on what we are doing! Check our profiles:

We will keep our pages updated frequently, so keep track of our activities. You might find promotions and special information about the projects we build in house. Don't forget that Crackinho World Adventure and Tiny Odyssey: The Forgotten Realms are in the oven. Pre-sales will be available soon and will be annouced first in our social media!

Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our releases every week. We will announce our new games, apps and technologies.