Tiny Odyssey: The Forgotten Realms

The game follows Vicente The Knight Kid on a quest to save Princess Paty from the evil witch Wakanda. The player guides Vicente ventures through a variety of side-scrolling levels by fighting and avoiding enemies and obstacles. Vicente can jump, crawl or punch enemies, causing them to explode into gold coins, called Guld. In addition to this, some levels provide the player with vital clues which solve puzzles needed to progress in later sections. Once Vicente has completed the overland section of an area, he may leave by calling his friend, Miguelangelo, and will return to the dungeon entrance of that area if the player chooses to return. New items and Weapons are gained by collecting Gulds, a wizard cane which allows Vicente to float in the air for a few seconds. One hit from any enemy causes Vicente to die instantly, when Vicente lose, clothes disappear, leaving him naked with a fig leaf over his genitalia. 

To be released for Xbox One and PC as Indie Game Xbox Live and Steam in January of 2018 by Black Onyx Interactive and Daibōken Studios from Japan. 



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