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Texturing and painting 2D Assets for Dicey

Learn about our process of painting and texturing small assets.

My part is the Texturing and Small 2D Assets that help bring color and populate the Stages where Dicey fights. This work is divided into three parts, Texturing an UV, Creating a Texture Sheet and Illustrating a 2D Asset. Starting by the Trim Sheets, this are square images filled with Textures that my colleagues in the 3D Department can use and transform when applying to the Models, they are painted in a digital software and like any other Texture or 2D Asset, they mix realism with the Comic Style of the Game. In this Sheets there are General Textures that can be reutilized in many different places, like wood, metal, stone or glass.

For our most important Models, that need special attention or have more Environmental Storytelling, my Colleagues send me an UV, it is like a 2D Planning of the various facets of a specific 3D Model, with this I can paint the required Textures with more detail and customize them just for this case. Below there are two examples of UVs before and after painting and also some already Painted and Customized UVs, we use this for example in Monuments, Vehicles or Important Structures for the Stage like a Special Shop.

Finally but not least, 2D Assets are small Illustrations that are used independently from the 3D Models, this can be Minor Objects that don't require Modelling like Signs, Wall Adornments like Posters or the Health Items, all of them painted by hand in a digital software with a Cartoonish Style and later on placed in the Stage.