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3D Modeling

Dicey Krime: Traveler of time is a 2.5D game that has 3d and 2d elements, check out our process

Dicey Krime: Traveler of time is a 2.5D game that has 3d and 2d elements. The Backgrounds themselves (props, buildings, vehicles etc are all 3D). For Example in the Egypt Level, we looked up many references set in ancient Egypt, and tried to be historically accurate as possible.

For each stage we also made sure we added in main landmarks that are seen today, but in a different time period, because Dicey travels to different time periods.

We were polygon conscience as we didnt want the backgrounds to be overly detailed and more simple, so I played with shapes that would suit the world of Dicey. I used Trim sheets to texture most props but for specialised assets such as Vehicles or the Laja record store, we sent the UV sheet directly to the texture Artist to paint on top.

I also made some modular pieces that we could scatter around Unity, that saved alot of extra modeling time and the same meshes could be used over and over, an example of this would be the houses. I made about 5 windows and 5 different doors for each house module, so we could mix and match, so each building could have it's own character. Another example would be the Tokyo Alley walls, where we created several pipes and cyber punk assets to make a nice moody Alley.

Once we were happy, we Optimised the meshes, and sent them to unity where I would make prefabs for the level designer to start the layout of the stage.