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Animations frame by frame

Traditional animations made by hands

Crakinho Beat'em up in the World is a game that has 2D animations for the characters. Making the animation direction and 2D animations for Dicey Krime: Traveler of time is a work of creating images frame by frame, the tradicional 2D animation begins with a process that in traditional animation we call 'rough' which consists in passing the idea of movement through simple scribbles.

The rough doesn't necessarily need to have the identical shape of the character, because it's focus is the movement, and in the next procces we do the clean up, as animation director I take care of this timing showed in the animation, and with my assistant Diones Ignacio we create the animations in this step until we get the result we want for the character.

Right after this the line is refined showing the appearance of the character that is been animated, taken form and adding details, inserting more frames if necessary wich we call inbetweens, for later we go to the process of clean up, wich basicaly is leaving the line with final aspect of the character.

Later of that we going to the process of coloring and shade, e for the last we made the sprite sheet, wich put all the frames of the animation in a sigle image, this is made for the game engine read the images saving memory.

There are a lot of process, but traditional 2D animation art is one of the longest process that exist and one of the most old, but wich very good result and most beautyful visualy.