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Making of “Dicey Krime: Traveler of time” Levels

In the game Dicey Beat'em up in the World the background environments are mostly made using 3D assets. The process starts with gathering references for the level idea, points of interest and specific styles that will guide us during the process of modelling the 3D pieces.

When we start working on a new 3d prop, the initial mesh works as concept and base for a more polished and optimised version which will use hand-painted textures and will be brought in the Project. For more general and background assets we use trim sheets, reducing the use of texture maps, which helps with optimization of the game.

Depending on the importance of the prop, they can have their own unique textures, as they need to standout from the more generic pieces in the background. During the phase of building the levels for the game, we always have in mind the idea to keep them interesting, without making them too busy or distracting, as the player also needs to focus on the gameplay, which is in the foreground of the screen.

The levels themselves are created following the idea to have “indoors” and “outdoors” segments, so the player wouldn’t get bored with the same style of background for a long period of gameplay. Also those transitions between different parts of the environment, helps to keep the levels more dynamic.

Although most of the props, effects and assets that are part of the levels are 3d we try to give them the look and feeling like they are out of an illustration and keep the overall idea intended for the visuals of the Project, which looks like a very dynamic, fun, detailed and colorful fighting game.