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Creating Dicey’s Cover

Making a videogame cover that doesn't suck


The creation of the cover required multiple evolutionary steps in order to take the best out of Dicey and his journey in time and space.

I thought the most suitable solution would be to place all the monuments that are the symbols of their city on the earth: for Rome the Colosseum, for Paris the Eiffel Tower...

The main focus of the composition is occupied by Dicey, whom I wanted to present in a heroic and successful position!

Behind him are his enemies that he has to tackle in the different stages of the game. They are defeated, scared and at the end of their lives.

I carried out the cover in digital, beginning with sketching the composition, defining the outline and the base colors. Afterwards the lights, the shadows as the last thing and then I intervened with brushes that are more picturesque in order to create everything more vibrant and textured.


The characters that I created anticipated a referential research in order to represent the typical stereotypes in the best way possible. The next step was to create different sketches with the pencil to study the construction, the shapes and to define the personality.

I then intervened digitally for the outline and the color.