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Development Report Q3/20

The development saga continues...

We never planned for Dicey Krime to become this big in terms of art and development. However, during the process that is still in progress, we improved as professionals and as a team and we are very excited about what our game is becoming. We as a team take the opportunity to apply our imagination, creativity, technical skills in order to create a very fun and unique side scrolling beat ‘em up game for gamers of all ages and tastes. You probably know that developing an indie game is not easy and it is very challenging having new ideas arise day by day and when the game starts to get bigger, with more characters, stages, modes and features in general. Our team is very talented; we are learning a lot working together, and the passion for our job is the key to success. Being a small team and with limited financial resources it is even more incredible to see what these guys are able to do and that is a dream come true. Everything about Dicey Krime is exciting for us from every completed animation frame to the positive responses from publishers, friends and followers.

Now we are almost there to release a public demo for PC and I hope you guys will enjoy it very soon.

Below you can discover the fixes, improvements and new features.

New playable characters besides Dicey

We knew we needed and wanted more playable characters besides Dicey in order to have a visual hook for a convincing beat em up game.

Kane Beast - Half Dino - Half Human.

Stelle - Future Girl, Cyber!

Combat System and Colliders

The game recently underwent a complete renewal of the combat system. Our efforts, which were previously more focused on the art of the game, have now been able to be directed onto the main mechanics that we want to obtain.

The colliders system has greatly improved in the last builds and will continue to evolve until we achieve the result we like. There has been an aspect of the vision plan that has been confusing, now we corrected both the colliders and the combat system.


The wrong position of the camera and the perspective of the view was one of the main problems that were corrected. It is one of the most important aspects of the game and we were aware of it. We are running tests and evaluations until we find the best option for our camera and combat area system, which must be large enough to support three simultaneous players and several moving enemies dynamically.


The AI ​​system is another important thing that is constantly evolving, both in pathfinding and with the decision to dodge, to attack or to use a special move which is peculiar to it.

Improving the game performance and fixing several kinds of bugs.

Players enjoy a game the most when it has short loading times, a consistent framerate, and a dependable input responsiveness. So concerning the optimization, we are already planning to improve the game's performance. It will become more and more the focus of our development as we get closer to the final product. And the various types of bugs and the main ones are being fixed as we find them.

Soundtracks - OST

The game OST is now available on several platforms for music streaming. Our crazy friend from my beautiful country Brazil, Fabio Mozine who is the creator of Crackinho’s character and the owner of Laja Records. He is composing all the soundtracks; mixing drills, pans, berimbau, and dozens of particular noises with musical instruments. At the moment we have the soundtracks available of Sao Paulo - Rock Jungle, Tokyo - Invisible Katana 2044, Cairo - Catacombs Curse.

Roma, Kingston, Boss Battle, London, Mexico City will soon be available.

NEW: Enemies, Skills, Combos, In-Game Items.

All of these are significant updates on the game and of course a lot of work. Since the beginning we have always wanted everything to be handmade, meaning that a unique drawing would require a dozen of frames per second to depict only one movement. Sometimes we talk about a new character's ability or a new item in the game which sometimes makes me think:

"Oh, are we seriously going to do that ? Mamma mia, we are going to work on that for ages... " but in the end ... "it will be amazing, what a combo, yes let's go guys."

We will keep this positive attitude for the release of our game and all our future projects. I am very happy to work with all the talented people around me, as a developer I am currently learning how to paint. For me that's amazing because I will be able to contribute more to the game and understand more parts of the proces. We are aiming to develop a premium indie game and we are happy to share it with you soon.

Beta Testers

In order to improve our games and hear about your opinions we would be glad to hear from you. If you are interested in being a beta tester and giving us your feedback on our latest build please fill out the form that you find in this link. It would be a pleasure to share it with you if you are a professional video gamer or gamer enthusiast.


Thank you so much for your time. If you have any questions please comment below on our Disqus or milo@blackonyx.ie to contact me directly. Stay safe until we Beat up this worm 🤢 🦠

Marcelo Milo
Co-Founder / CTO